Father On Trial For Torturing The Man Who Sexted His Underage Daughter

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William Atwood Sr. is facing trial for assaulting 24-year-old Justin Moore. Atwood threatened the young man with a shotgun, forced him to undress, tied him up, and used a stun gun on him. All because of some naughty text messages.

Apparently Moore had sent some pictures of his genitals to Atwood's 17-year-old daughter and as soon as Atwood found out, he lured the man into his home:

Authorities have said Atwood, armed with a shotgun and a handgun, ordered Moore to strip to his boxers, bound him with zip ties, shocked him on the neck with a stun gun and threatened to bury him on the Pechanga Indian Reservation.

After about an hour, authorities say, Atwood turned Moore over to Riverside County sheriff's deputies. He told them Moore had trespassed on his property and he feared for his family's safety.


[D]eputies arrived at the Avenida Armada home to find [Moore] still tied up and cowering on the ground in his boxers. Moore refused to speak until deputies had accepted the citizen's arrest from Atwood and taken him back to the station.

"I was too afraid," Moore said. "I didn't know if they were real police."

Moore said the deputies had laughed at the sight of him outside Atwood's home.

Well, if that whole drama isn't a reminder to practice safer sexting, I don't know what is. [PE]


Image by Steven Pepple/ShutterStock