FCC Changes Its Mind About In-Flight Calls

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Good news, frequent flyers: the FCC has rethought their plans to allow cellphone use on airplanes, freeing us from a future of sitting next to a teenage girl yapping away for an entire transatlantic flight.


While they claim it's about phones interfering with avionic equipment, that's a bunch of hooey. In reality, airlines really enjoy charging people $10 to make a call using those phones on the back of seats, and people don't seem to care that much about not using phones in the air. Whatever the reasoning, anything that keeps boring businessmen and hyperactive teenagers from ruining my flight with their yammering is fine with me. Now if the airlines will just outlaw babies and people who snore, the skies will get truly friendly.

USA Today [via Gadget Lab]



Oops, as I was saying: What do you mean you weren't putting up with that crap, Joe Stalin? I never understood why someone would object to the person in front of them reclining their seats (for the whole flight or not). That is why the seats recline, so someone setting in it can reline it! If there person in front of me reclines their seat and I need more room, guess what I do, RECLINE MINE! I remember once on a flight from LA to Papeete (after reaching cruising altitude), the woman behind me complained that my seat was reclined AND the crazy flight attendent asked me to put my seat up! I never understood that, I was using the seat as it was designed to be used, what was I doing wrong? But I did not dare argue with the flight attendent, lest they throw me out over Hawaii.