FCC Ends Exclusive Cable Contracts for Apartments

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Exclusive deals between landlords and cable companies that force tenants to use a specific cable provider are being terminated by the FCC, which hopes the move will spur competition and drive down cable prices. According to the NYT, the move will be a boon for low-income and minority families, who have "seen cable prices rise about three times the rate of inflation over the last decade," as "40 percent of households headed by Hispanics and African-Americans live in" buildings with 50 or more residents. The more cynical take on the FCC's agenda (as opposed to a snowy white heart filled with consumer advocacy) is that it's partially in response to telcos like Verizon and AT&T who've started to offer TV aren't feeling too shiny about being shut out. But if it really does push down prices, it's definitely not a bad thing, whatever inspired the FCC. [NYT via Gadget Lab


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yea i didn't realize that my apartment was only able to get one provider (partially because of the monopoly already in place and the lack of options already). It totally sucks and anything that will increase competition in the cable department is awesome. i know the US is a billion times larger than say S. Korea, but I mean come on, the tech infrastructure available to common joes like me SUCKS. I want cable internet, with speeds that DONT remind me of dial up, and at prices that I can afford. Im in college for God's sake.