FCC Extends Net Neutrality Comment Deadline After Responses Crashed It

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After an overwhelming surge in traffic the past few days that essentially crippled the FCC's comment page, the Commission has decided to extend its deadline. Meaning you now have until Friday, July 18 to post your initial remarks—if you can get the site to work, that is.

In the release, FCC press secretary Kim Hart wrote:

Not surprisingly, we have seen an overwhelming surge in traffic on our website that is making it difficult for many people to file comments through our Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS). Please be assured that the Commission is aware of these issues and is committed to making sure that everyone trying to submit comments will have their views entered into the record.


And while the non-functional site has been frustrating, this is great news for everyone who wants to get a final word in. Plus, the FCC has already received over 647,000 comments, so it's not too surprising that they'd be buckling under that kind of traffic, which as you can imagine, doesn't usually frequent government websites.

If the site still isn't working for you, you can also send your comments to openinternet@fcc.gov. So go give the FCC a piece of your mind while you still can—the internet depends on it. [FCC]