FCC Says Free Wireless Plans Won't Screw Up T-Mobile's 3G

Trying to add a silver lining to your undoubtedly dismal economic future, the FCC has struck down T-Mobile's complaints that the agency's scheme to offer free wireless to lower-income peoples will interfere with established 3G networks. In an engineering report, the agency claimed that there would be no “significant risk of harmful interference.” That's a good thing should this plan, which would offer downstream speeds of 768kbps for free to half the U.S. within the first four years, and 95% in the next six, actually come to fruition. T-Mobile and its ilk have threatened to sue if the FCC's action impairs their ability to use the spectrums they purchased in any way. Will it ever be though? I mean, who does the FCC think is going to buy something with this many expensive restrictions on it in the first place? [Mobile Tech Today]



This would be great for my mother, who is on Social Security Disability, and wants to get some halfway decent high speed after the first of the year.

She's gonna be stuck paying for cable internet at $25 a month minimum for 1.5 Mbs, or she could go with Verizon for $20 a month plus $60 for a router, plus extra taxes, for the same 768 kbs.

Hurry up FCC, my mom is stuck on 20 hours a month free through NetZero and Juno for christsake!