Feet On: Fitness J-Mat From XaviX

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Some things are a joke. The J-Mat "gaming system" from XaviX along with all their other "gaming systems" are probably the epitome of the word "joke". First off, their company name sounds like the next pill that will get your johnson up from Merck. The J-Mat is basically a toned down 1988 Nintendo Power Pad. The graphics that go along with the game are on par with NES and the gameplay is downright horrible. John forced me onto the J-Mat to try it out so you won't have to. The game was something about Jackie Chan and how he runs through a city doing absolutely nothing. You have to run in place until you find some random sign in the road. When you find the sign, you jump over by jumping in place. Woohoo. Real fun. Other feats included going around the sign, under the sign, and not running into the fucking sign. Oh, and at random times, Ninjas popped out and you'd have to slam your feet down on the pad to kill them. Do yourself a favor and avoid anything made by XaviX. You'll thank me later.

Product Page if you dare [XaviX]


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