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You know GPS navigation devices have achieved commodity status when you see one all gussied up like a Ferrari, but that doesn't mean we're not lusting after this Becker Traffic Assist Pro 7929 GPS with the Ferrari logo skinned all over it.

It looks a lot like the Becker Traffic Assist 7914, and includes what's becoming the usual features for GPS devices, including voice guidance, a touchscreen display and 2D/3D maps. It's also packing a 2GB SD card and a bigger-than-average 4-inch display.


Trying to differentiate itself from the pack, this Ferrari also plays music, but that's getting to be a common function in GPS devices, too. Sure, it's not going to get you there as quickly as a four-wheeled Ferrari, but if you can't have the real thing, at 613.60 EUR (around $789 if you can get one in the US) this'll do.

Special car navigation with Ferrari skin []