Finally, a Site That Tracks the Most Popular GIFs on Twitter (NSFW)

.GIF Hell is a brand new site that tracks GIFs that are trending on Twitter. Maybe you missed the VMAs (or some other cultural event du jour)? See the entire show wrapped up in a neat little animated package on this site.

There are a few different ways to browse through the constantly-updating list of GIFs. You can switch back and forth between most tweeted and currently popular views, and see stats on how much attention each post is getting. Unsurprisingly, right now the site is rife with One Direction GIFs and Taylor Swift F-bomb drops from last night's award show. [.GIF Hell h/t Digg]

Update: Apparently there is some NSFW content on .GIF Hell, so proceed with caution.

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Go Hawkeyes

Hey, that link needs a very big NSFW warning. I was browsing it and there was some of porn gifs.