Find Out How Fast You Read with This Test

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Reading quickly is a skill to be proud of! It's useful, you save time and you can brag to your friends how fast you finished the Game of Thrones books while those nincompoops impatiently wait every Sunday for it to air. But don't you want to know how fast you can read? Take this reading test to see.

Though its pretty much an advertisement to buy ereaders at Staples (or for Staples to collect research on reading speed), it's a fun little exercise to do. You read a passage from a book, answer a few questions (to prove that you read it) and it'll give you your words per minute. It'll show your performance on a scale (450 wpm being an avg college student, 1500wpm being a speed reader) and how fast you would be able to read famous books. Let us know how fast you read in the comments. Take the test here. [Staples]