Despite hyperactive editing to infuse drama into the long hours of fieldwork, National Geographic's Mammoths Unearthed is a peek into the conflict of ivory economics and scientific research when hunting for mammoths in northern Siberia.

Airing Sunday at 8 pm Eastern time, the documentary follows the adventures of archeologist Dr. Tim King and palaeontologist Trevor Valle as they hunt for mammoths in Siberia during the summer permafrost thaw. The special suffers from the constant flashy edits and overly-dramatic voiceovers endemic of modern documentaries, but real science manages to sneak in despite the production's best efforts to smother it. Watch it tonight to learn how these ancient animals survived in the harsh Siberian terrain in the even-harsher Ice Age climate, and to share the constant frustration and jubilant celebration of fieldwork.


Mammoths Unearthed airs tonight at 8pm ET on National Geographic, and will re-air on November 2nd. Watch it, then come back Monday morning to share your thoughts on our recap! Still not convinced? Catch another teaser video here.


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