Fionna And Cake Are Back To Help Lumpy Space Prince Start Over

Good news everyone! Adventure Time is serving up another gender-bending episode, bringing back the beloved Fionna and Cake for a third romp through the land of Aaa. This time they'll be meeting up with Lumpy Space Prince (Peter Serafinowicz) who, like his Ooo counterpart, has run away from his unfair parents to start a new life.

The episode will air Thursday, June 26, at 7 p.m. The wait will suck, but in the meantime we can ponder what will happen. Will Fionna eventually mirror Finn by losing an arm? Will she come across evidence of her long-lost mother? I suppose it depends on how much the Ice King knows about what's going on with Finn (remember, Fionna and Cake are his fanfic). Either way, it's very good to have another gender-bent episode, and it's hopefully a sign that fans will get at least one per season from now on.


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