Firefighter Rescues Man from Stuck Elevator, Both Immediately Get Trapped in Another Elevator

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Getting stuck in an elevator's rare, but you assume the experience would fall somewhere between the opening of Speed and a late-night Cinemax flick. A Chicago man turn it into Groundhog Day when, after being rescued from one elevator, he promptly got stuck in another on the way back down to safety.

Firefighters initially rescued a man between the 21st and 22nd floors of his 49-story apartment building. To get back to the ground floor, rescuer and rescuee took the building's other, functional elevator—which proceeded to also get stuck. Because both elevators were now stalled, and everyone probably had less idiotic things to do with their time, rescue crews briefly considered busting through a brick wall to get at the poor guy and the firefighter who was trapped with him. Thankfully, common sense prevailed and an engineer simply reset both death traps elevators from the roof.


Reason stands that it's probably safe for this guy to take every elevator he encounters for the rest of his life, since the odds of getting trapped in an elevator three times in your life are probably pretty minuscule. Of course, that probably applies to people who live in buildings where every single elevator isn't broken. [Chicago Tribune via Fark]

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You can't really state how rare it is to get stuck in an elevator. It all comes down to how well maintained an elevator is. If you live in a building with a shitty one, your odds of getting stuck once or multiple times rise greatly. Just like your chances of being killed in a plane crash rise substantially if an engineer never even looks at the aircraft.