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Often, when people carp about Mobile Firefox or Opera not being able to run on the iPhone 'cause of Apple's SDK restrictions, they'll point to Android and say "I can't wait for Mobile Firefox on Android" or some variation of that, since Android theoretically doesn't have any limitations. I've got some bad news for those people. Firefox Mobile (aka Fennec) isn't coming to Android anytime soon. The issue, which we discussed in our primer on what sucks about programming for Android, is that everything has to be written in a custom form of Java to run on Android. And Mozilla's Jay Sullivan says they aren't playing that—there won't be Mobile Firefox on Android until Google accepts programs not written in Java. And uh, that could take a long, long while. Anyone else sorely, bruisingly disappointed? Cause that basically leaves Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile as the only places to get your Firefox Mobile on. [ABC News via Android Community]


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