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First Asus S101 Review (Verdict: What We Expected)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We don't know what kind of deal with the devil Mobile Computer made, but while most of us are excitedly posting the first real pictures of the Asus S101 netbook, MC is running their full review. After reading through the four page account of the experience, we can sum it up in these quick points:• Nicer than most netbooks, not as polished as a Sony product • Keyboard/monitor identical to that on the Eee PC 1000 • Almost four hours of run time under heavy use • Near silent operation, possibly no fan inside • Typical Eee performance • Lacking premium features, 64GB version still technically a rumor The only real complaint Mobile Computing voices is the S101's alleged price. Because really, the system is just an Eee 1000 in a moderately nicer package. [Mobile Computing]