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First-Ever Patented Motorcycle From 1894 Sells For $131k at Auction

Illustration for article titled First-Ever Patented Motorcycle From 1894 Sells For $131k at Auction

Fetching over $131,200 when it went on auction last week, this Hildebrand & Wolfmüller motorcycle from 1894 was the first two-wheelin' motorcycle ever to be put into production.


Hailing from Germany, it's known as a motorrad, and was found in a barn in the US, where it's been for almost 70 years, gathering dust. It was auctioned off in England, but will be returning to Germany where it will undoubtedly sit on display—those wheels don't exactly look like they're in driving condition anymore. Check out the video below for a similar, restored model put-put-putting along. [Paul Fraser Collectibles via Gizmag]

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Tony Kaye ⌨

My bosses pride and joy. 1930('s?) Douglas Racing Motorcycle. It has kerosene lamps for headlights (or something). He bought it at a British museum auction for close to $100,000 in the early 1990's. It is 100 points out of a possible 100. He also has one of McQueen's Indians.