First Ever Single Lens Capable of Filming 3D Images Created

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Now that scientists have worked out how to create 3D images from just a single stationary lens, the possibilities are endless. Sure, it's only able to film microscopic objects now, but imagine a larger-scale lens that could be fitted on cellphones.


The engineers at Ohio State University working on the project say the fingernail-sized acrylic glass lens is the first of its kind, and will allow microscopic objects—like bacteria—to be viewed in 3D, from nine different angles. [The Engineer via SlashGear]

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This won't work on cellphones.

It is still filming something from multiple angles, a cellphone camera lens is not nearly large enough to film something at a distance from multiple angles.

The only reason this works here is because of the scale of the thing being filmed. The microscope lens is vastly larger than the object being filmed, thus it can provide multiple angles.

I really enjoy Gizmodo reporting stuff like this, but I think it would be worth Gizmodo's time to think about basic science/physics stuff like this for a little longer before posting, because the conclusions are often strangely wrong. I have noticed weirdly inaccurate assumptions like this a lot in Gizmodo articles, and commenters have regularly pointed out these errors en masse. Look at io9 for an example of excellent reporting of science stuff.