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First Look: SoundID Bluetooth Headset, Walkie Talkie, Hearing Aid

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's not just a phone headset. We think its kind of like a super hearing gadget that can work as a walkie talkie or give you super sound hearing. They're for people who want to hear better in all situations... while looking like a huge dork with a Bluetooth headset on their ear. Two models, PSS-SoundMate and PSS-SoundFlavors offer specialized Bluetooth functionality—not just for calling—for your hearing-holes. And PSS headsets are incredibly tiny.

With four useful modes for changing the way it amps up sound. First...

• Amplification Mode - Enhances surrounding sound, amplifying conversations and minimizing background noise

• Phone Mode - Provides crisp communications when paired with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone

• CompanionLink Mode - Clip CompanionLink on a partner's lapel or place it at the end of a table and Bluetooth is used to send sound from the mic right to your ear

• One2One Mode - Bluetooth technology connects the two EarModules, making one-on-one conversations more enjoyable in noisy situations or from a distance


The $249 SoundMate model only has Phone Mode, CompanionLink Mode and One2One Mode, whereas the $699 SoundFlavors model has all four. They both have pre-configured sound profiles to give you mild to moderate sound enhancement—any higher and you should just get a hearing aid, gramps. The SoundFlavor also comes with a wireless Mic and the satisfaction that you can hear what your wife's saying without having to get any closer to her than absolutely necessary.

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