Fisker Karma Electric Car To Blast Out Fake Engine Sounds (Verdict: WHY?)

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We already knew that the $80,000 Fisker Karma electric car may make it into production in 2009, complete with a whole bunch of lithium batteries and a small gas-powered engine (designed to work only in case of emergency). What we didn't know is that instead of being silent, the car will be fitted with speakers inside and out to blast fake engine sounds. And yes, it gets worse.

According to Henrik Fisker, head of the company, by fake engine sounds it means real, gruff, user-selectable engine sounds. One will apparently sound ''like something between a Formula One car and a jet plane," which should certainly be enough to keep unwary pedestrians leaping for the sidewalk as you roar toward them.


Let's hope there's a silent option and that not many morons buy it. [Jalopnik]

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