Although there's nothing inherently sexy about a Mac itself—seriously, it's just a computer—they do seem to inspire its users to do stuff that is sexy. Here are five videos that illustrate the point.

In the first, "Setty Smooth" manages to get four pretty hot ladies to dance around and pose for his video. You may want to turn down the volume if you're at work. Actually, you'd probably want to turn down the volume if you're at home as well.

This one, also NSFW, is probably the sexiest silhouette ad we've seen yet.


This one, from Reon Kaneda, is a number she did on one of her videos (she's one of those Japanese adult stars) dancing around with her iPod. That's an old-school iPod Mini, in case you were keeping track. Which you're not. NSFW.

This iBuzz ad isn't sexy by itself, but if you close your eyes and imagine real hard what you'd do with this, then maaaaybe you'd manage to excite yourself. Maybe.


We've shown this video before, but someone thought it was sexy enough to place into the all-time-sexiest list.

5 Sexiest Apple Videos [10 Zen Monkeys via Dethroner]