Flaming Jello Shot How-To

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Thanks to science, we have many amazing inventions—the model train, the fish, and Space Ghost are just a few of them. Well, thanks to the magic—and spiritual mystery—of science, our friends at MyScienceProject have done the impossible: set a Jello shot on fire. Sure, there were problems along the way...

We tried to go all out and add a cup (8 oz.) of straight Everclear to regular Jell-O dissolved in 4 oz. of hot water. To our surprise, as we poured in the liquor, the mixture turned murky, and strands of an egg-like substance formed. As we stirred, the goo massed around the spatula. Eventually we pulled out what looked like a wad of chewed bubble gum. The alcohol solution was so strong that it denatured the proteins in the gelatin! We poured the remaining mixture into serving cups to see if it would gel up anyway. The gelatin had enough protein remaining in it to set halfway. The result looked like a raw egg, with a semisolid blob floating in liquid.

But they prevailed, creating a mixture so potent that it could be used in developing countries as an alternative to anesthesia. Go science!

Lighting a Jell-O Shot on Fire [MyScienceProject via LiquorSnob]