Flipper USB Works Any Way You Plug It

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I'd say my success rate at correctly plugging in a USB connector on the first try is well below average. And honestly, the second time doesn't always work either. Embarrassing! But UltraTek's "Flipper" USB connector makes the point entirely moot.


The reversible connector fits ports either rightside up or upside down. Even better: if you damage one side of the connector, you can flip it over and use the other side of the USB device, saving you from data loss. I could waste a lot of time wallowing in "why didn't I think of that," but instead I'll just be incredibly appreciative that someone else did. Especially if it was the surprisingly young-sounding person in this video:

[Flipper USB via EE Times via Engadget]



I've always thought USB was dumb for not having a keyed housing to match the directional connection. Why make a connector that looks the same top and bottom if you can only plug it in one way? Make it a trapezoid or something, put a ridge in one side so you'll know by looking at it that that side is up, just like every other connector ever.