For a Post-Christmas Treat, Order a Looky-Likey Android From Japan

What would you spend $225,000 on? An animated android, styled after yourself? Starting in January the Japanese store Sogo & Seibu will begin taking pre-orders for these "Actroids." They may not walk, but they can move their upper bodies.

Kokoro, the company which brought us those HRP-4C female androids back in 2005, will make these Actroids for Sogo & Seibu. Customers can record audio so the robots not only look like them but also sound like them, and "she also does the best work as a guide with her out-standing eye-catch effect!" Careful you don't fall for her eye-catch effect too hard, now. [Sankei News via PlasticPals and CrunchGear]


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