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The HRP-4C Model Robot Is Programmed to Work...It

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The HRP-4C robot was not programmed to please families like Asimo. Nor will she save/destroy humanity like a Terminator. Rather, she's taking the fashion world by storm as Tokyo's next top model. UPDATE VIDEO:

But can a hulking robot be a model?

Even though the HRP-4C packs 42 motors, at just over 5 feet tall and 95 pounds in weight, she's still thin enough to guilt teenage girls everywhere into puking up their lunches. And the manga-inspired face, with a tiny nose and large eyes, should keep the plastic surgery market afloat in even the most dire economic climate.

Unlike modern models, however, the HRP-4C walks down the runway with constantly bent knees and it fully capable of smiling.

In case you are looking for an HRP-4C of your own, a similar model will cost you $3 million. Otherwise, you can check her out again during the Tokyo fashion show on March 23rd. [Straights Times via Engadget and Getty Images]