For Almost $3k These Ultrasone Edition 10 Headphones Better Turn You Into a Zebra

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We know the downfalls of cheap headphones, but is $2,749 for a pair of Ultrasones going to give you the best-possible audio experience known to man? That I can't tell you, but my god would you look at them?!


They're a thing of beauty, I'm sure you'll agree. But then, Ultrasone has always been known for great design. This open-backed Edition 10 pair is made from fancy materials such as zebrano wood, Ethiopian sheepskin leather (for the ear pads), titanium-plated drivers, and even kevlar-coated cables.

I initially thought the "tongue and groove"-like effect on the outer wooden cups were just for show, but apparently they're for greater air permeability and lower resonance. Also, I heard from a "source" that they help you camouflage amongst a herd of zebra, but don't take my word on that. I wouldn't want you to be trampled or anything.


On sale for $2,749, and they even come in a jazzy wooden box. They could be a real collector's item, so make sure you only use them in safe environments—no, not the subway.

Murrieta, Calif. – (October 4, 2010) – Ultrasone Inc., distributor for German headphone manufacturer Ultrasone AG, proudly announces the release of its first open back special edition headphone – Edition 10. The long awaited open back Edition 10 headphone boasts the most luxurious feature set of any special edition headphone to date. With Zebrano wood ear cup inlays, Ethiopian sheepskin leather ear cup pads, Titanium plated drivers, Kevlar coated cables and a limited number of 2010 units available, Ultrasone's Edition 10 represent the companies most lavishly appointed and highly coveted speciality headphones ever created.

The Edition 10 is a result of years of painstaking R&D to ensure the first open backed special edition headphone met the rigorous standards set by its predecessors. The ear cups alone are a triumph in both form and function, resulting in a design never before created by Ultrasone's engineers. Drawing inspiration from natural forms, the Edition 10's ear cups feature high levels of air permeability through the grills, high specific torsion strength and extremely low resonance, all in a lightweight design.

The outer ear cup is finished with galvanic Ruthenium plating and with a Zebrano wood inlay, which is coated with eight layers of clear lacquer for protection. The Edition 10's inner ear cup, as well as the head-pad, is adorned with reddish brown Ethiopian sheepskin. This type of leather is known for being the most supple leather available, achieving the maximum level of comfort and sound isolation.

The drivers selected for the Edition 10 have been specially tuned for open back headphones. The Titanium-plated 40mm drivers have been designed with a 10% more powerful magnet for enhanced sound pressure levels. Each set of drivers have been individually paired with a tolerance of +/- 0.4.

Attention to detail can be seen at every level with the Edition 10s and the cable is no exception. Ultrasone has incorporated silver-plated OFC 99.99% pure copper wires and utilized Kevlar as the casing, achieving increased current flow, improved flexibility and lower overall weight. In addition, the Edition 10 is designed to be balanced input ready, so audiophiles who wish to implement a balanced cable configuration do not have to change the entire wire, rather connect XLR connectors instead of the 6.3mm connector.

Ultrasone's latest headphones employ S-Logic™ Plus technology, resulting in an impartial acoustic feeling that affords the listener the utmost spacious tonal perception. This gives users the advantage of wearing Ultrasone headphones for many hours without their ears hurting. Ultrasone's newest headphones also contain MU-Metal shielding (ULE technology) that reduce the amount of radiation directed to the listener by up to 98%, as compared to conventional headphones.

Each Edition 10 headphone comes with a hand crafted Zebrano wood headphone stand and is housed in its own wooden box for safe storage and transportation. Only 2010 Edition 10 headphones will be produced, each one will be embossed with its own serial number.

Edition 10 Technical Specifications

* Open-back deluxe headphones with reduced emissions using the ULE standard (Ultra Low Emission) and S-Logic Plus technology
* S-LogicTM Plus technology
* Dynamic principle, open
* Frequency range: 5 – 45000 Hz
* Impedance 32 Ohm
* Sound pressure level 99 dB
* MU Metal bufferboard,
* Reduced field emissions in accordance with ULE standard
* 40 mm titanium-plated driver
* Magnet NdFeB
* Weight 282g (excl. cord)
* Cord length: 3m
* Aramid fiber enhanced
* Silver plated high-flex cable
* (OFC 99.99 % pure copper)
* 6.3 mm gold plated plug

The Edition 10 headphones have a MSRP of $2,749 and will be available at and high-end audio retailers worldwide.

About Ultrasone

Based near Munich, Germany, Ultrasone AG has been manufacturing headphones for the audio market for over 17 years, during which time the company has developed and applied for more than 60 patents for its innovative technology. The company's unique, patented S-Logic™ technology creates natural surround sound without the use of additional electronic devices. Ultrasone headphones represent a safer listening experience by reducing sound pressure on the ear drum by up to 40% and also by offering shielding from EMF radiation up to 98% through the use of patented ULE (ultra low emission) technology. For more information about Ultrasone headphones, go to