Attention all nutters! Now you can buy your very own 179-foot Excelsior-class military assault hovercraft for just $69 million, fully armed, and with plenty of space to carry 140 rangers and three T-80 heavy soviet tanks. She's such a beauty:

An outstanding opportunity for the right government agency to obtain a vessel which normally takes 4-5 years to complete. These vessels are proven in service with the Russian and Greek navies and their square-shaped pontoon structure provides a rugged, stable and seaworthy platform. The middle section accommodates the compartment for armored vehicles to be landed with the two outer sections housing the troop compartments, crew living quarters, life support and nuclear, biological and chemical protection areas.
She is complete with navigation and electronic systems.


Government agency? Do these people know Larry Ellison? The hovercraft is located somewhere in Eastern Europe, and will be complete and ready for delivery in 4 to 5 months. [Portland Yacht via Uncrate]