For Your Convenience, a Captain Marvel Spoiler Discussion Zone

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Captain Marvel, the last stop on the journey to Avengers: Endgame, is finally here. That means it’s time to talk spoilers. There are a lot of themso, below, you’ll find a place to safely chat about them with the entire io9 community.

Be careful though. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, avoid everything below this paragraph. Below here, all’s fair in Skrulls and spoilers.


We’ll have much, much more to say about the film’s biggest spoilers in the coming days, but as a few potential topic starters, how about:

What did you think of the film flipping the Skrulls on their heads? Were you surprised to see the Tesseract come back? Did you like the fact that Annette Bening, not Jude Law, played Mar-vell? Did you cheer when you saw the first footage of Captain Marvel in Endgame? Was it confusing that the final tag of Goose was back in the past, after seeing the future? How did you feel about the music, such as No Doubt’s “Just a Girl,” dropping during the action scenes? Do you think Carol is powerful enough to defeat Thanos? Will the Skrulls ever come back?


All that and much more is up for grabs right now, in the comments below!

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