If you'd rather take the path less followed when you hit the great outdoors, it might need a little TLC along the route. And that's where the lightweight collapsible Trail Boss will serve as your perfect hiking partner. It lets you carry four long-handled tools in a compact pack, so you can make short work of fallen branches, exposed roots, or whatever else hinders your progress.

Made from fiberglass with reinforced aluminum couplers, the Trail Boss' long handle can be assembled from multiple 12- or 16-inch segments so you can make sure it perfectly matches your stature. On the business end you can attach a shovel, a saw, an axe, and a McLeod-style scraper for making short work of loose debris.


At $565 for the entire set it's definitely more expensive than buying the tools separately. But serious adventurers know that a bit of extra cash up front for reliable lightweight gear can save you a lot of back ache when you're out in the wild. [Trail Insight via Werd]