Forget a Bread Maker, This Machine Churns Out Fresh Roti Every Minute

Our beloved ChefStack automatic pancake machine will always have a place in our hearts, but there's a good chance this Rotimatic flat bread maker could earn a permanent spot on our kitchen counters. All it needs to churn out delicious piping hot roti is water, flour, oil, and about a minute of patient waiting.


Like with a bread maker, all you need to do is dump the raw ingredients into the Rotimatic's separate chambers and hit go. It has enough capacity to bake 20 rotis before needing a refill, and you have full control over how thick, or how soft, the bread ends up. Everything else, from rolling the dough, to flattening it out, to even puffing the roti, is all taken care of inside the machine.

The Rotimatic is expected to ship before the end of the year, and while pricing details haven't been finalized just yet, don't worry. The pre-order models are already sold until well into next year so there's little chance of picking one up as a Christmas gift. [Rotimatic via HomeCrux]



ANDREW - This made my DAY !

For those of you WhiteBread-focused NOOB Bozos, a Roti is the staple bread of about a Billion Indians. It's the bread eaten with all that delicious food and I wish I could tell you how revolutionary this is. Unlike other breads, Rotis are made FRESH each meal, burdening the wife or beloved mom (in most cases) with making them while the rest of the family enjoys them. This thing will sell like (forgive me) Hotcakes.

Rotis are a very central part of the Indian meal - so much so that I know that it has been joked as a criteria in picking a good wife (just like a good-paying job is a criteria in picking a good husband).. If the Roti is too thick or burnt, then she is not a good pick, joked the Grandparents. As you can see, things have changed in India and now the man makes the Roti.

CONGRATS to the lady who came up with this...