Nicknamed the "Easy-Bake Oven of handheld GPS devices," the Geomate.jr is a family-friendly device designed to get children out of the house, away from their video games and go geocaching outdoors.

Supposedly easy to use for both children and adults alike, the handheld device also sports a water-resistant and shockproof design built to withstand most roughhousing your kids may encounter in the wild. The $70 Geomate.jr is equipped with 250,000 pre-loaded North American cache points, giving your children a fun, ready to go, hide-and-seek type outdoor game, all while helping them explore the world and train them how to use a GPS device at an early age. Apparently, because the Geomate.jr doesn't have an internal compass, you won't be able to get accurate directions unless you keep moving. Tell this to a fat kid, and let's see how easy it'll be to drag him away from those video games now. [CNet Reviews via CNet]


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