Forget Exercise; This Fitness Tracker Just Wants You To See the Sun

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It only took a few decades for us to realize that spending all our time in front of computers wasn't the most healthiest way to live. That's why the market is now flooded with fitness tracking wearables encouraging us to exercise. The Brite R450 sets its sights a little lower, though. It encourages more achievable healthy living goals, like just occasionally going outside and seeing the sun. Can do!

Available mid-October for $130, LifeTrak's Brite R450 includes all of the fitness tracking data anyone looking to get into shape could need, from a built-in heart rate monitor, to calories burned, to even steps taken. But it will also appeal to those who aren't necessarily hoping to run a marathon, and maybe just live past 40.

An included light sensor keeps track of the wearer's daily exposure to both natural and artificial light, ensuring you see enough of the sun during the day to keep you healthy, but also don't get too much that it will make it hard for you to fall asleep at night. Those of us who don't see the sun for days are already shamed enough by our friends, we don't need our watches making us feel even worse about it. [LifeTrak via Ubergizmo]

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but.. its not even solar powered? lame.