Snowmen are great. Everyone loves a good snowman! But if you're expecting piles and piles of the white stuff this year, have a ton of free time on your hands, and want to make something truly cool, why not go all-out and construct an urban igloo?

Modern Farmer got the inside info on how to make it happen from the good folks at the aptly named Urban Igloo blog, and... okay, it's not exactly easy, but it can be done. This thing could be an all-in-one frigid part-time office, playhouse, and sulky getaway for a little non-familial alone-time.

Apart from the space issue‚ÄĒa flat area about seven feet in diameter is required‚ÄĒforming the bricks themselves seems like the major challenge here. They suggest tightly packing kitty litter bins‚ÄĒbut you'll need 150 individual bricks, and have to let each set for a solid half-hour before starting to build.

If you've got the patience and live in a place where white weather's in the forecast, it could be fun to give it a go; here's the rest of the how-to. [Urban Igloos via Modern Farmer]