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Former Nasa Architect Now Builds Topsy-Turvey Camping Trailers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After the rigid limitations of helping design the ISS, it must have been a refreshing change of pace for Garrett Finney to work on these Cricket trailers, which are built to order and cost up to $17,000.

Every customer can dictate exactly what s/he wants in their Cricket, but it appears a tiny dining table, couch/bed, shower/toilet and stove and sink seem to be the standard. I love them for their slightly ramshackle nature, almost like they've been built piece-by-piece by different people.


Weighing around 1,300lbs, the Cricket can be towed by standard cars and apparently take just 20 seconds to set up once you decide on the scenic landscape to pitch up for the night. [Cricket via Fancy via OhGizmo]