Fossil FX6001 Bluetooth Watch Reviewed (Verdict: One-Trick Pony)

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The ever-elusive Jonathan, over at CrunchGear, got his hands on one of the Fossil FX6001 Bluetooth watches. The FX6001 is one beastly device coming in at half an inch thick and weighing a good metric ton. It was designed to work with Symbian Series 60 devices, primarily Sony Ericsson phones and a few Nokias. The small OLED display will communicate with your cellphone and vibrate upon reception of a phone call or text message and display the caller's name. No audio features, which is pretty good.

The FX6001 does carry a above average price of $275. Overall, it does the job it was built to do, and that is it. Nothing too special


Fossil FX6001 Bluetooth Watch Hands On [CrunchGear]

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