Foxtails Brigade : I'm Not Really in the Christmas Mood This Year

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I try to get excited for the holidays, I do. When I was a kid, it really was my favorite time of year. But nowadays, it feels more like an obligation than a celebration. So this year, I'm putting this song on repeat and sleeping 'till New Years.

Foxtails Brigade is a San Francisco-based "chamber pop" band anchored by Laura Weinbach. The band formed in 2006 with Sivan Sadeh on violin and Weinbach on guitar and vocals, though the contributing members have shuffled since then. Their sound is difficult to describe—think Led Zeppelin's "Battle of Evermore" but more subdued. It mixes classical violin and cello arrangements with elements of jazz and bluegrass. Weinbach's haunting vocals are both melancholy and serene, often simultaneously.


"I'm Not Really in the Christmas Mood This Year" is available on Foxtail Brigade's sort-of-Christmas album, Time Is Passed [TinyUrl]