Franken-Elmo: Man in Virgina Turns Tickle Me Elmo Guitar Into Working Guitar Hero Controller

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With Guitar Hero II in stores today—the faithful have called in sick and are already shredding, no doubt—we found a man who clearly puts the Hero in Guitar Hero. Mike Smith spent a series of nights transforming his 2 year old's Tickle Me Elmo guitar into a fully functioning Guitar Hero controller. This was no simple transplant—the-guts-from-GH-controller-into-Elmo-guitar either. Smith actually used the wiring from a PS1-era DualShock for the Franken-Elmo's inner workings.

The Elmo guitar only has four fret buttons instead of the traditional five, which means his daughter can only play the game up to the medium skill level. "I didn't think she'd have a chance to get beyond that point anyway," Smith explained.


To activate Star Power, in Smith's words, "You have to press the Elmo head button."

No word yet on Smith's daughter's shredding abilities.

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