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Frankly Red Scarlet, I Don't Give a Damn (About Any Other Camera)

Illustration for article titled Frankly Red Scarlet, I Dont Give a Damn (About Any Other Camera)

Sure you could blow sixty grand on an Arri Alexa or $16 thousand for a Canon C300. Then again, you could just as easily get the same 4K video quality for less than $10k with Red's newest iteration of the Scarlet Cinema Camera rig.


The pocket-sized Scarlet has advanced quite a bit since its initial release. For one thing, the Scarlet now records in full 4k resolution—up from a measely 3K in 2008—that's 4096×2160 pixels for video, a stunning 5120×2700 for stills, and a maximum frqame rate of 120 per second. For reference, that's 50 megabytes of data captured every per second.


The new Scarlet wil retail for an estimated $9750 when it debuts November 17th. [TechCrunch]

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I was expecting a post about how these cameras are too far out of reach and therefor not worth really putting effort into caring about...

I don't think the author understands what that quote means...