Free Playbooks For Android App Developers

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Here's some good news if you like to tinker with creating Android apps in your spare time: submit one to the BlackBerry App World before February 13th, and you can get a free Playbook. That's another great sign that RIM is doing well, eh?

Announced in a tweet by Alec Saunders, RIM's VP of developer relations, the scheme means all developers — professional or amateur — need do is submit their app then email its name to Given that RIM recently opened up its device to support a (limited) selection of Android apps, this suggests that apps are currently a little thin on the ground. One thing's for certain: RIM definitely won't run out of stock to give away. [Alec Saunders via SlashGear]

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I do have an Android app sitting around that I could technically submit, but I've actually used a Playbook before so I'm obviously not interested in receiving one.