Freestyle Riding on a Vintage Ladies Bike Is Bonkers

If you've ever tried to do so much as ride amble down the street on an old steel-frame bike, you know they're unwieldy. It's unbelievable what this rider is able to do on one.


You have to admire BMX rider Mickael Dupont's tenacity. The old bike he's riding sounds like it might fall apart at any moment. Every time he lands, the bike crunches like a sack of bones hitting concrete. In fact, right at the beginning of the video, the bike's frame buckles from the impact of a landing—Dupont actually has to weld on a support rod so he can keep at it. The stunts in this video would be impressive even if they were performed on a modern frame. That Dupont lands backflips on this old, heavy cruiser is just crazy. [The Awesomer]


Tone Robert

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