Some things change, some things stay shockingly the same. It's funny how a hundred years can be such a long time in some places but be just like yesterday in others. This "time lapse" shows how much (and how little) the world of Antwerp has changed from the beginnings of World War I until now.


Stijn Bollaert, who put the video together, writes:

This video shows historic images of places in and around Antwerp, made in 1914, and the same places re-photographed in 2014. It becomes clear how much, or how little, has changed over 100 years, since the beginning of the First World War.

The video was made as a teaser for an exhibition on forts around Antwerp, Belgium. It's being shown through the windows of the exhibition space, so people walking by can see it. The exhibition was designed by Exponanza for Simon Stevin (


You can learn more about the exhibition that details the siege of Antwerp here.

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