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From Dusk Till Dawn Completely Fractures at the End

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Last night was the season finale of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series. And how did it stack up to the film's ending? Well, there was more mysticism and a large number of betrayals: real and fake.

So, here's the short recap of last week: the Geckos are going through "the trials" to get to a vial of Satanico's blood to free her. The trial includes finishing the job that got Seth thrown in jail. Professor Busey Machine turned out to be super into both the Snakepire cult and human sacrifice and is preparing to sacrifice Kate. Scott is a vampire who is trying to find his family. And Carlos has apparently had it with Satanico and has offered to ally with Narciso to stop the Geckos from freeing her.

Basically, the finale boiled down to what was happening with the Fullers and what was happening with the Geckos/Snakepires. With Freddie acting as connective tissue. So let's get through this.


The Fullers

Jacob sends Freddie to find Kate while he stays behind to talk Scott down from his snakepire bloodlust. Professor Busey Machine is monologuing at Kate, as only a Busey can. As monologuing villains provide the perfect escape route, that's exactly what Kate does, beaning Professor Busey Machine across the head and making a break for it. Freddie gets there in time to jump the monologuing wonder, who feels like this is the time to tell Freddie that he's part of a hunter bloodline that can't be turned to vampires. Convenient. Vague. And then the show loses it's greatest source of exposition as Kate and Freddie take Professor Busey Machine apart. Goodbye, Jake Busey. I'll miss your thoroughly miscast self.


Jacob is talking Scott down in order to stake him, but can't bring himself to do it. He apologizes to Scott, who wants them to be a family again. So he bites Jacob. Of course. He also blames Jacob for the death of his mom. Of course.

That's when Kate and Freddie show up, and Kate says that their father didn't kill their mom. Which Kate knows because of the visions she got from the temple a few episodes back. Then she yells at Scott for biting Jacob and demands to know if he'll bite her, too. Scott runs off and Jacob pretty much abdicates all parental responsibility, saying that Kate and Scott should go off and survive. And also, could Kate please stake him?


They, with an assist from Freddie, battle this out for a while, until Kate gives in to Jacob's desire to "go home." She stakes him and cries. She and Freddie head into the catacombs after Scott. Freddie says that he hopes his daughter turns out like Kate, just in time for Kate to disappear and to have a vision of his daughter getting out of rehab. Apparently, his leaving so upset his wife that she will drink to death. Oops.

Nothing further on Kate helping Scott, so I'm betting we'll pick up on that thread next season.


The Geckos

In the A-Plot, the Geckos are still completing the heist that will get them to Satanico's blood. They open a safe, which leads them to an urn back in the temple. The blood is actually inside a snake, who crawls into Richie's stomach. Which freaks Seth out, but Richie says Satanico readied him for it. I actually really like the chemistry between Seth and Richie in this episode. Here, and later, it works.


They meet up with Satanico, Richie, and Carlos. While Richie and Carlos bicker about who is getting the money, Richie and Satanico are talking about the blood snake. Narciso, Carlos, and their mooks all pull guns on the Geckos and Satanico.

Carlos says he loved Satanico and gave up everything for her, including his god, and he's pissed he's getting thrown aside for Richie. Which, if I'm not wrong, isn't exactly true. I think the flashback a few episodes ago established that he wasn't ever really into things like love and God and more into money and greed. He proves my point because, after he and Narciso grab Richie and book it, he bitches about not getting his money.


Narciso and Carlos get out just as Satanico's back-up arrives. She apparently can't leave the temple, so it's up to Seth. Carlos, still greedy, stops Narciso from killing Richie because the Geckos have oil bonds worth "more than money." He, of course, offers to exchange Richie for 100% of what the Geckos have.

Carlos taunts Richie, saying that his hunger will grow, offering him a neck, and then preventing him from feeding. That's when Seth shows up. Seth and Richie argue, name-checking events from their past which act as obvious (as fiction loves this trope) code. They fight as a distraction and then get away, Seth leaving the bag with the bonds behind. When they get back to the bar, Seth is bitching at Richie for not going with his code for "argue" and changing to a code for "fight." Again, the chemistry between the two worked here.


And suddenly! Freddie shows up, stabs Richie through the shoulder, and holds a stake to his chest. Satanico reminds him of his family, so he drops the stake in exchange for keys to RV. He gives those to Kate, and leaves on his motorcycle. Which seems weird, as his moment with her in the temple, where he talked about how he hopes his daughter is like her, seems to imply that he should have at least confirmed she was leaving for safety before taking off.

Satanico's snakepire girls chant as Richie feeds the bloodsnake to her. The ritual opens the bar up to sunlight, which destroys the snakepire girls. Which, why? Are they necessary sacrifices for freeing Satanico, as a warning that she's always out for herself, don't trust her? Or are they willing and being set free? No answers, we have to wrap this sucker up.


We end with Narciso sending Carlos into maze of the temple, Kate and Seth teaming up in the RV, and Satanico and Richie (who can't go into the sun "yet.") driving away in a sunproof car.

My bet for next season is that we'll see these pairs play off each other. Carlos and Narciso representing the Nine Lords. Richie and Satanico wanting to unseat them. And Kate and Seth... actually I can't quite figure out what the two of them get from the pairing. Kate's plot is likely Scott and Seth probably wants his bonds back. Plus, we're now totally outside the confines of the original movie, so there's no guide for this. Even as loosely as this season adhered to it.


The finale was sorely lacking in climax. Especially since the two plots had very little to do with each other, they didn't unite in a grand finale kind of way. It seemed like there were just things the finale had to get done, and they didn't care if the whole was greater than its parts.