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Frozen Beer Foam That Keeps Your Beer Ice Cold Sounds Amazing and Needs to Exist in America

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Japan. We need to talk. Your food is awesome, your electronics are solid, your people are sweet—you have enough good things already. You do not need to hoard Kirin's new frozen foam for beer—which looks like tasty beer soft serve and keeps your adult beverage cold for half an hour—to yourselves. SHARE IT WITH US.


No, seriously Kirin. Why did you make this 'Ichiban Shibori Frozen Draft" which is essentially frozen beer foam (23 degrees Fahrenheit/-5 Celsius) if you weren't going to share the amazingness with the world? Would you hoard the cure for cancer? NO! You would spread it, immediately. So let me tell you, there is no need to give this magical creation a trial run in Japan first (hitting in May for the Summer), bring it to America before someone rips off your Frozen Agitation process (where air is blown into beer to fluff the head and flash chilled).


The foam acts as a lid for your beer and will keep it cold for 30 minutes, which is great for people who take a little while to sippy sip. What's better for everybody is that the foam can supposedly be eaten like a sorbet. Beer sorbet. Dont' be selfish Japan. Share this with the world. Or at least with me. [Beer Street Journal via PSFK]