Fuel Cells To Go Bendy, Fit Inside Gadget Corners

Illustration for article titled Fuel Cells To Go Bendy, Fit Inside Gadget Corners

Fuel cell tech is literally just around the corner from being inside many of our gadgets, and with this new design it could allow for some unusually-shaped gizmos. A company called MyFC is showing these bendy, flexible hydrogen-powered cells that can be draped over the interior curved surfaces of a gadget in a way that is tricky with current battery tech. The FuelCellSticker devices are just 0.11-inches thick and weigh only 0.2 ounces, and can put out 0.5V at 0.9W, though you'd stack them for more volts. There's also a more conventional-shaped model, and the company is starting to make them to order. Clever stuff. [Crunchgear]

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Just around the corner....Was i the only person to catch that horrible pun....Back to the post. I think that this will help but this isn't anywhere near production and i doubt we'll see this in the states for another 2-3years. Japan will probably use this in their phones and then we'll get this a year or two later. 3-5 years max. That seems like a long time to me. Nd im guessing this can be recycled which will be a good thing in end too.