Fukushima Plant Leaks 15 Tons of Radioactive Water

TEPCO's been struggling to keep Fukushima's scorching reactors cool. They've also been struggling to deal with the massive volume of (now radioactive) coolant water. It's not going so well—tons of it are spilling into the ground, Reuters reports.

The leak's a consequence of TEPCO's botched attempts to purify contaminated water held in giant storage containers—an effort that's been marred by mechanical screw-ups and delays. And now, the realization that 15 metric tons of it have already seeped into the ground around the plant, filling the soil with radioactive isotopes. [Reuters]


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Please everyone - read up on Thorium power generation. It's safe. It's more abundant than Uranium. It leaves about 1/1000 of the waste that uranium power generation does. (seriously.)

Tell everyone you know.

Terms for google to learn more:


Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR)

Kirk Sorensen

"thorium tech talk google kirk sorensen" (Kirk gave a fantastic tech talk at Google. There's video of it online.)

Every time someone mentions how bad uranium reactors are, ask "why aren't we using thorium instead?" (The answers are depressing, and include pressure from the uranium fuel lobby, politics, and the US wanting control over which countries have nuclear power and which don't.)