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Fusion Garage Responds to Arrington Lawsuit

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Fusion Garage—manufacturers of the JooJoo, the web tablet formerly known as the CrunchPad—have responded to Arrington's lawsuit and posts against them. Not surprising, they are saying that his claims are entirely without merit:

• Fusion Garage claims that they have received $3 million in funding so far, and they are getting ready to announce a new round in the coming weeks.


• They also claim that they are financially viable, and fully capable of bringing the Joojoo to market, underlining that it is their intellectual property—quite frankly, I don't see much "intellectual property" in a bloody web tablet, from Arrington, Fusion Garage, or the Pope.

• They say that their relationship with Pegatron was a failure and "Arrington's promises of hardware development support proved to be hollow."


• As a result of that failure, they are now using another design, by another original design manufacturer. That's why Arrington's claims about Fusion Garage using Pegatron's intellectual property are false, Fusion Garage claims.

• They claim that Arrington's "nebolous attacks" against Rathakrishnan—one of the Joojoo investors— are completely false, and show his desperation to raise doubts on the company.

• The now famous Dr. Bruce Lee is a "successful entrepreneur with several profitable ventures."

Here's a copy of their brief response:

I don't know who is right on this one. It's curious that, while Arrington is viciously attacking them, Fusion Garage have decided to react in such a clean and succinct way:

Since our first public statements on the joojoo, we have taken the high road regarding past interactions with Arrington and TechCrunch. We find Arrington's ongoing attempts to bully public opinion and members of the media to be the sad rants of a person championing a losing cause.


We will see what happens with the lawsuit in court. Until then, I'm sure Arrington will post something about this response, to keep this sad little soap opera going on.