Future Versions of Chrome Will Help You Make Better Passwords

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Your passwords are horrible. You should do a better job, but keeping track of tons of unique alphanumeric cyphers is a pain, and password managers come with their own inconveniences. Luckily, it looks like future versions of Google Chrome will have built-in features to help you do better.

According to documentation on the Chromium Projects site, the development team is planning to introduce a password generator to future versions of Chrome. The exact design for the way new feature will work hasn't been ironed out yet, but it will essentially take the place of password manager, for everyone who uses one. When Chrome detects that you're filling out a form on a registration page, the browser will prompt you with the option to generate a password out of random letters, numbers, and symbols. At that point, all you have to do is store the password with Chrome, which will sync it on to all of the computers you use.


While helping you make better passwords to keep your accounts secure is definitely a great idea, there remain several logistical problems and security concerns that need to be sorted out such as how you'll access your passwords when you're not on one of your synced computers. [Chromium Projects via Ars Technica]

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What's wrong with "staple horse correct battery"?

Anyway, the whole password fiasco is a prime example of nerds failing normal people horribly - the situation is absolutely ridiculous and will not stand. Guys, develop a workable authentication system, or GTFO.

Some day we'll look back at paswords like we do now at punchcards.