G-FI: "The World's First Wireless GPS Accessory for the iPhone"

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Hot off the heels of yesterday's press event, PosiMotion is laying claim to the first wireless GPS accessory for the iPhone and iPod touch. I'm sure the built in locator and google maps program will be just fine for most, but the GPS add-on will actually be compatible with any device with a Wi-Fi connection, but will ship with software to allow for proper iPhone/iPod touch integration. The G-FI is said to be in the final stages of production, and it shall be released in the "next few months," whatever that means. In the meantime, make do with the rendering of the G-FI unit, which shows it running on the late Cingular network. PosiMotion, it's back to the Photoshop with ye. [G-FI; Thanks, Tony. M]




Haters: "The iPhone is such a piece of shit phone, only tools or fanboys will buy them"

In the mean time, you get the biggest developers going bonkers over developing for the platform, the biggest websites making iPhone (and iPod touch) specific interfaces, and you get a VC pouring $100 mil into the iFund.

Man, the world must just SUCK for the haters with so many Apple fanboys around ;p