G. Willow Wilson and Nick Robles Will Take the Reins of The Dreaming Next Year

The Dreaming is here.
The Dreaming is here.
Illustration: Nick Robles/DC Comics

DC’s rebooted corner of the Sandman universe is about to get a new master.

As announced yesterday during New York Comic Con, G. Willow Wilson, the comics writer who first brought Kamala Khan to the page, will be taking up as the writer of The Dreaming, DC’s ongoing set in the Dreaming, the seat of power for Dream of the Endless. Joining her will be artist Nick Robles (Doctor Mirage).


The pair will be taking over for the current creative team next year, with their first issue being The Dreaming #19, which is due out for next March. According to Comics Beat, Wilson didn’t have a lot to share at the panel announcement, except for a good deal of enthusiasm and the promise that our boy William Shakespeare, who played a major role in Neil Gaiman’s originating work in Sandman, will be making a return.

Wilson is a noted fan of Gaiman’s work on Sandman, so it’ll be exciting to see what she comes up with. As I said, her run will begin March 2020.

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Great God Glycon

I really like most of Wilson's work, her early 2000s Catwoman series is just phenomenal, but I am having a hard time thinking this could be any good. It might be great but I've got a bad feeling about it.