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Being the only female author in the sausage-fest, good old boys club that is Gizmodo definitely has its perks. Who else gets to skate the line between and laugh at all the "hehe...boobs" little boys posts? Who gets to be the go-to person to write about the next pink phone or hello kitty gadget, tongue firmly planted in cheek? I'm here to give a little something to all the women—to represent the gadget crazy, geeky-sexy-cool ladies that I know are out there.

In that spirit, if you are a cool gadget chick in the UK, BBC2 is creating a television pilot and may want you! The fine people at Celador Production are on the hunt for some lovely lasses who bow to the altar of all things tech. Sound up your alley? Contact Kimberly at and til them Giz sent you!


Rock on gadget dames—and the men who love us! (Now let the "this thread is useless without pics" banter begin!)

BBC2 Pilot Looking for Gadget-Mad Girls [via Gadget Candy]
Photo Credit: Syd Brak