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Game of Thrones animated in crude and foul animations is so much fun

Game of Thrones is a beautiful show to watch because the world is so interesting and the characters are so twisted and the story is so screwed up and the sets are so picturesque and the special effects are so well done. But strip all of that away and use crude animations to replace all that and somehow, it's still a fun show to watch.


Our favorite 1A4 Studio is animating Game of Thrones this year in their simple style for Vanity Fair and they've come up with some pretty good ones so far. Here's a brief summary of the previous seasons of the show so far (make sure you stay for the humping). Spoilers, I guess?

And here's The Life of Ned Stark:


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Stuff like this is why I am generally very happy to be alive during this day and age. We get to see such original stuff that nobody ever dreamed up just decades ago...