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Game of Thrones Celebrates Death in a Bizarre Blood Drive PSA

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Game of Thrones is, objectively speaking, a show about death and the many foolhardy ways the living find to hasten it with their shortsighted greed, malice, and general treachery. Strange, then, to see Game of Thrones being used as a means of advocating for public health initiatives designed to save lives.

Today, HBO announced a partnership with the American Red Cross urging Game of Thrones fans to celebrate the show’s upcoming season by going out, making like a Weirwood tree, and oozing out some blood for the greater good.


The entire stunt is part of a larger blood drive initiative which is, on its face, a good thing—but the accompanying Game of Thrones supercut HBO’s released with it is weird, given that it’s all about people who ended up giving blood because they died:

Whether you’re trying to donate blood is a personal decision—but, leeched plasma or not, Game of Throneseighth and final season premieres April 14.


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